With technological advances and competitiveness in the sector, the market has demanded professionals more and more technically prepared. Only a beautiful voice does not ensure a great dubbing. 

In dubbing, the rule is the same. This process, which has already been handmade, today requires ever more good technicians and good structure to meet the tight deadlines required by customers. 

UP VOICE do cares about casting, direction of voices, regular training of new talents and workshops and courses to upgrade the staff and their voice bank. It also makes the translation, revision, marking and application of subtitles in series and movies. 

Process more agile, where the new version is recorded on the original audio. Care and refinement to obtain a result of high performance. 

Ideal for production on which must be valorize the original audio 

Voice Over

Game Localization

Specialized localization of games in many languages. Much more than translation and dubbing, with a team of professionals committed to quality and punctuality, we deliver a complete localization transmitting what you need for your game, in another language and with the latest terminologies and game guidelines.

All our translators and actors are native speakers and have the experience and professionalism that your product needs. 

Translation, review, marking and application of subtitles in TV series and movies. 

Subtitles and Translation


The studios of the UP VOICE are designed to provide high quality sound and flexibility in recording. In them we can also produce a variety of musical styles, always ensuring great results. 

Sound Design

Soundtrack is emotion. 

The music associated with image is such a fundamental element on TV or in the movies, as the script or the actor. Although not realize rationally, the music surrounds us emotionally, transporting us into the screen, putting us in touch with the character in inserting in their environments, giving us the illusion of not only we watch, but participate in the action. This is the great magic of a good soundtrack: Be totally transparent to our rationality. 

To create this magic, we gathered a great team of talented composers, musicians and arrangers, experienced and creative.


Recreation, total or partial, of M&E (music and effects) of any type of ambience, specific noises, special sound effects and other resources. 

The UP VOICE is one of the few companies with trained professionals and equipments appropriate to faithfully recreate the desired effects.  

Equalization, add effects is what our audio engineers do with the equipment and more modern software of the market, thus maintaining the best harmony of all the elements to ensure the necessary emotion. 
The clear and perfectly audible voice, and other elements (foley, track, etc) in perfect harmony.


QC - Quality Control

At UP VOICE, final tune of the whole process involves a double control as a guarantee of UP VOICE’s standards. 
Quality assurance. If the quality of the final product is not in line with the highest standards, the project is reviewed again and only then delivered to the customer. 

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